Fetal Heartbeat Monitor

Detect and listen to the fetal heartbeat.

Review and share tracking records via APP.

Fetal Doppler Monitor

  • High-fidelity, crystal clear sound with earphone and built-in speaker

  • Digit mode and curve mode for displays fetal heart rat

  • Medical-grade biocompatible materia

  • View and share tracking records on APP

  • Record fetal heartbeat on App

Switch on the monitor.

Connect to APP via Bluetooth.

Apply coupling gel (included accessory) to the probe faceplate, place the probe against the confirmed location of abdomen.

Move the probe around or tilt it until clear and rhythmic heart sound is heard from the headphone or speaker. 

 Listen to the fetal heartbeats.

Record, save, and share every exciting event.

"Good quality. Very easy to use. Comfortable. I use it to record my oxygen level during sleeping every night and it helps a lot. "

​--- John G.






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