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Unique 4 petal-shaped design, increasing the contact surface of the electrode sheet.

The electrode sheet is made of 301 steel instead of ordinary 201 steel, which has better ductility and wear resistance.


  • Up to 16 body metrics can be monitored.

  • Multi-user data sharing can store up to 20 users of the data.

  • Bluetooth connection, intelligent data management, support data review.

  • With industrial-grade 8-bit microcontroller and 18-bit ADC strain gauge, the data is more accurate.

16 Body Metrics Can Be Monitored


Including BMI, body fat percentage, body weight (ideal and fat-free), water quantity basic metabolism, amount of protein, skeletal muscle rate, muscle weight, fat weight, bone mass, visceral fat grades, subcutaneous fat grades, body age, fat burning heart rate, nutritional levels and body type.

Intelligent Data Management


Using Bluetooth 4.0 BLE link APP, the data will be synchronized to APP, you can view the trend graph of weekly, monthly and yearly changes.


Can store data of up to 20 users, support users to monitor the health of family and friends

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