Handheld Pulse Oximeter

Professional Oximeter Covers All Ages


Professional Oximeter

                          Covers All Ages

  • Medically Accurate SpO2 & Pulse Rate Measure For Clinic & Family Use.

Parameters that Matter

Are in You Palm

Accurately detects SpO2, PR (Pulse Rate), and PI (Perfusion Index). Quickly responds and displays on the big screen in real-time.

If the probe is not well placed or disconnected, or the measured value exceeds the preset alert limit value, then the alert indicator will flash with orange color.

*It is recommended that the Oximeter should not be applied to the same location for longer than 2 hours or less if any abnormal condition is found.

"Good quality. Very easy to use. Comfortable. I use it to record my oxygen level during sleeping every night and it helps a lot. "

​--- John G.

Bigger Screen Tells You More

Just in a glance, the significant data are all in your eyes.

Color LED screen provides an ultra easy-to-read experience.

Auto-rotate function allows you to see the readings in any direction. 






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