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How medical-grade AI analysis provide the best solution for heart disease diagnosis

Due to the rapid development of the economy, people's work pressure becomes greater, and the office workers may even have irregular living habits. If they go on for a long time, their physical condition may have problems. One case worth mentioning is atrial fibrillation. The harm of atrial fibrillation to the human body is great, but fortunately, we can monitor and early warn atrial fibrillation to avoid greater harm. Viatom AI-ECG Platform helps users interpret ECG, which has made remarkable achievements in both hospital and household.

According to AHA Careers, atrial fibrillation is the most frequent persistent arrhythmia. With the increase of age, the incidence of atrial fibrillation is increasing, up to 10% of the population over 75 years old. The prevalence of atrial fibrillation is closely related to coronary heart disease, hypertension, and heart failure. When atrial fibrillation occurs, the atrium loses its contractile function, and the blood is easy to stagnate in the atrium and form a thrombus. After the thrombus falls off, it can go all over the body with the blood, leading to cerebral embolism, limb artery embolism, etc.

AFib can increase the risk for stroke
AFib can increase the risk for stroke

What is an AI-ECG Platform?

AI-ECG Platform has become the first registered AI ECG product in China and the only AI ECG product approved by NMPA, FDA, and CE. AI-ECG is an artificial intelligence AI-ECG analysis software developed by LEPU Group. Viatom is a subsidiary of LEPU Group. All its ECG products can access the AI-ECG Platform to help users interpret ECG.

Benefits of Viatom AI-ECG Platform:

Up to 45 diseases can be detected

AI-ECG Platform can monitor and warn up to 45 kinds of abnormal ECG events such as atrial fibrillation and atrial flutter in real-time. The accuracy rate of abnormal ECG capture is more than 95%, which is comparable to the level of ECG medical experts. Want to know How to Read ECG Heart Monitor? What’s the Heart Attack Curve Like?

Fast acquisition of Accurate ECG data

AI-ECG Platform can get AI-ECG analysis faster. Five minutes of ECG data is completed in one second by AI automatic analysis. At the same time, the AI-ECG Platform can quickly obtain accurate ECG data. AI-ECG technology development is based on 300000 patients and 50 million pieces of data accurately labeled. AI-ECG Platform uses 1 million independent test data to test and passes the international standard ECG database comparison test, whose complete accuracy is up to 95.2%. 

APP to view ECG data in real-time

ECG data of the AI-ECG Platform can be displayed synchronously with a mobile app. AI-ECG Platform can be connected to the app through Bluetooth, and real-time heart rate and ECG monitoring can be obtained through a dynamic visual display. Users can view ECG data in real-time.

How AI-ECG Platform plays a vital role in hospital and household?

AI-ECG Platform plays an essential role in both hospitals and households. Many grassroots hospitals, individual clinics, physical examination centers, social health centers, pension institutions, and others lack professional ECG doctors. Using Viatom ECG monitor and AI intelligent analysis algorithm, the hospital can build a set of electrocardiogram analysis network with AI-ECG auxiliary diagnosis system.

The ECG analysis software application will form an integrated technical service chain to realize the rapid ECG analysis and diagnosis of patients in the institutions.After the patient uses ER1 for monitoring, the system can automatically complete the whole process of ECG inspection, data inspection, and report generation. It greatly saves the doctor's diagnosis and treatment time, and at the same time comprehensively improves the accuracy of ECG analysis, which is convenient for the hospital to simply and quickly deploy the artificial intelligence electrocardiogram analysis and diagnosis system.

The AI-ECG Platform began its trial operation on Ucari in August 2017, and has analyzed the 24-hour Holter data of tens of thousands of patients. The accuracy of its performance and analysis has been fully affirmed, especially in the diagnosis of arrhythmia events such as supraventricular and premature ventricular contractions, atrial complement atrial fibrillation, ventricular tachycardia, conduction block and pre-excitation syndrome, etc. It has obvious advantages and is deeply loved by the team of Ucari doctors, which comprehensively enhances the competitive advantage of Ucari's Holter analysis service.

At present, most of the wearable devices related to ECG on the market are single-lead Holter examination equipment, which can generally detect the patient's ECG continuously for 1 to 7 days. The calculation and analysis of some basic heart rate calculations are given. Some products can provide more complicated arrhythmia analysis. However, due to the technical limitations of traditional ECG analysis algorithms, the reliability of these analyses is relatively low, and it is of little help to users. It may even be misleading by wrong information.

After clinical testing, the level of AI-ECG auxiliary diagnosis system has reached professional doctors' level and reached the level of experts in some problematic diagnoses. AI-ECG technology will provide a simple and effective ECG examination method for most patients with cardiovascular disease so that patients can enjoy AI-ECG analysis and service at anytime and anywhere. There are many advantages in applying ECG monitoring to family, making patients monitor ECG at home like monitoring blood pressure and blood glucose. AI-ECG platform can monitor the ECG status of patients and provide greater convenience for patients in the household. 

About Viatom

Viatom, has been deeply engaged in the medical field for many years. We hope to build a complete ecological ECG industrial chain, including various ECG hardware acquisition devices and an automated analysis software platform by taking AI-ECG technology as the core. Our AI-ECG Platform is used to lead the technological revolution in ECG so that ECG AI analysis and diagnosis technology and services can enter hospitals, grass-roots units and families, and meet the growing needs of ECG examination at home and abroad. We provide the best quality products and services, and we will be your most reliable partner.


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