How an innovative oximeter help snorers in an absolutely new way?

There are huge number snorers with sleep problems, such as obstructive sleep apnea. Most of them don’t know their conditions clearly. The potential market is huge since there are few suitable tools for home easy use.

Monitoring Spo2 gives a clue for the sleep problems. But traditional oximeters don’t play well for this market.

Viatom made a great effort to study user’s experience. The sensor is a key to excellent experience.

It is hard to sleep with the traditional sensor, which is on the fingertip. The joint of the finger is fixed by the sensor. You find it hard to bend your finger freely during sleep. Another problem is that the sensor goes off easily.

Viatom released a new product Checkme O2 Sleep Monitor with a new kind of Spo2 sensor. It is like an elastic ring. You wear it on thumb between the joints. You feel totally free during sleep, don’t worry if it’s off. For a sleep monitor, sleep experience is essential.

This new sensor not only monitors spo2 and heart rate, but also supplies a feedback to lower spo2.

It integrates a smart vibrator. Lower Spo2 triggers the vibration until it goes up. This function can reduce shortage of oxygen significantly. You can set the threshold and strength to make it adapted to personal conditons.






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