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SpO2 Monitor: help athletes effectively training

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

Endurance. Speed. Efficiency. These goals are critical to athletes in their pursuit of excellence. Whatever the sport, it becomes increasingly challenging to achieve an optimal workout and stave off the competition. Monitoring the effects of exercise is important as a means of ensuring progress and subsequent success.

For example, maximizing lung function is important for optimizing major body functions. Metabolism, blood pressure and muscle function are all dependent on the lungs ability to deliver oxygen throughout the body. Ensuring that oxygen levels stay within normal ranges can actually help enhance workouts. With advancements in science and cutting-edge technologies available to athletes, measuring oxygen saturation levels before, during and after workouts is now practical with compact and accurate pulse oximeters.

And we can predict that this kind of device based on the sensor technique and modern communication technology will become more and more important to sport training and daily activities. Sensor-based monitoring approaches lead people to take advantage of these devices to monitor blood oxygen saturation and the pulse measurement, which are the most important signs when exercising.

After recording the two parameters, the portable device can send the data to the remote coaches or doctors via GPRS/WiFi/Bluetooth networks. The data of the blood oxygen saturation and the pulse that is detected by the detection in module can be processed by the expert decision-making system in order to provide the coaches and doctors with the athlete condition. In addition, the data can be sent to the smart phones of the players, coaches or doctors through GPRS/WiFi/Bluetooth networks, in which the blood oxygen saturation and the pulse data of the athletes can be displayed according to the requirement of the remote users. The test results show that the accuracy of measurement is high and the system is stable. Athletes can acquire professional help at anytime from anywhere.

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