Sleep Oxygen Monitor with Vibration


* This product is for wellness use

Blood Oxygen

Heart Rate

Smart Vibration


Sleep Oxygen Monitor with Smart Vibration
  • Overnight monitor and record SpO2, heart rate and motion

  • With Smart Vibration triggered by low oxygen

  • Patented Ring Sensor is comfortable and never drop off

Traditional Sensor

Patented Ring Sensor


  • The sensor goes off easily during sleep

  • The finger cannot move freely

  • Difficult to fall asleep

  • Sensor never goes off during sleep

  • The finger moves freely with the sensor

  • Soft and comfortable, easy to fall asleep

  • Built-in Smart Vibration

No Vibration

  • Apnea occurs and Oxygen drops

  • Without vibration, body will not be stirred to adjust posture and breath in time

  • Terrible sleep with low SpO2

Suffer a tired day

Smart Vibration

  • Apnea occurs and Oxygen drops

  • Vibration is triggered by low SpO2

  • Body is stirred by vibration to adjust posture for more oxygen

  • Good sleep with enough SpO2

Enjoy an energetic day

Free App for iOS & Android

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O2Ring - 副本5.png
Overnight monitoring O2 levels with vibration alert
Continuous recording  O2 levels & heart rate with vibration alert
 *Only for wellness use
 *Only for wellness use

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