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Viatom is a high-tech company specializing in R&D, production of home medical devices, which is affiliated to the AI division of Lepu Medical Group. We have been deeply involved in different medical fields for many years, and we continue to innovate and develop mobile medical equipment. Providing wearable medical solutions is one of our main goals to help people understand and control their health. Through our products, you can understand your health better and more conveniently, and get more professional advice.

With the wearable health monitor on your hands or arms, you no longer have to worry about any sudden health diseases. We are committed to being the provider of future wearable healthcare solutions to help people make healthier decisions.

Lepu Medical Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. was

established in 1999.  It is specialized in developing,

manufacturing and marketing the high-tech medical devices

and equipment. Today, Lepu Medical has grown into a global

leading group company.  Lepu uphold "by the power of science and

technology, from the heart to the light of your glory", to provide better

medical products and technology for the majority of health care workers, so that more patients with cardiovascular disease can enjoy advanced medical technology and products.


Lepu AI division is an important part of Lepu Medical Group. It mainly provides customers with solutions for the collection, analysis and management of medical grade heart data based on artificial intelligence technology. The independently developed AI-ECG Platform is the first ECG analysis software that has been approved by FDA, CE and NMPA in China.







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