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Viatom: A Consolidated Reality of Health Care and Prevention

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

Our story starts in 2013 with the mission of bringing a new spur of innovation in the health care industry. Specialized in the research, manufacturing, and design of portable health care devices, Viatom is already a consolidated international reality.


With the launch of the newly developed Checkme Series, we aim at providing a valuable solution for disease prevention to everyone around the world.  

Our Reality

It all started with a dream. A vision of providing higher quality health care standards to everybody worldwide. This belief is shared by all of us and gives us the passion for doing what we do. 

Shenzhen Viatom Innovation Technology Co., Ltd. is a Chinese national high-tech enterprise devoted to the research, production, and development of home medical diagnosis and monitoring equipment. 


Our production line is clinically validated and covers blood oxygen, electrocardiogram, vital signs monitoring, and blood pressure devices. Our solutions have passed CE, CFDA, FDA and other international certification.Within just 7 years, we have been expanding over the national borders, exporting medical devices in over 40 countries worldwide. In recent times, Viatom has also taken part in relevant events and conferences such as the US Medtrade (leading Expo for Home Medical Equipment). This is the testimony of ongoing growth that let us become the first choice of many distributors around the world.

Another reason for our success is the affiliation with the AI division of Lepu Medical Group. Lepu is a global leading company, which provides customers with cardiovascular medical devices based on artificial intelligence technology. The group has ranked 49th among the top 100 global medical device enterprises. The partnership has brought great assets to Viatom, contributing to the successful development of the Checkme Series. 

Core Advantages


Viatom’s innovative nature has made possible creating products with an elegant design and simple utilization. It’s not the quality alone that makes a "top brand" such. Technology is also part of our company's remarkable know-how. Overall, we have over 54 patents (14 for Multi-parameter,10 for ECG,27 for blood oxygen, 3 for Blood pressure) and more than 20 software copyrights. Our production adopts several modern semi-automatic manufacturing facilities and has passed the ISO 13485 quality management system.


Combined with program developments, we offer a comprehensive solution of software applications and hardware devices. The final result is a well-tested way of ensuring health conditions prevention. Eventually, to support further our foreign partners, we have implemented an OEM and ODM service with flexible minimum order quantity (MOQ). To improve the support value, we have been offering a timely 24hrs service and using a reliable supply chain management system. Every day we challenge ourselves to become better.

Checkme Series


Checkme Pro


Reliable, fast, simple to use - These are the 3 main qualities of our product offer. The Checkme Pro is designed to be a personal medical adviser always at your side. This smart vital signs monitor can measure various health indicators, including body temperature, blood oxygen saturation, pulse rate, ECG, and heart rate. The instrument is compact and light.


The Checkme Pro comes equipped with several additional features: calendar, alarms reminder, pedometer, and Bluetooth connectivity. All its functions can be recorded on mobile devices by installing our app. This way, you will always be informed about your health situation. Checkme Pro stands as the pinnacle for all-in-one solutions to mobile medical health care.

Checkme O2 & O2Ring

It takes only a few seconds to measure SpO2 and pulse rate activity. Checkme O2 and O2Ring are others examples of Viatom’s innovation and design. Both devices are comfortably wearable and simple to use.


As per other solutions, the measurement can be recorded and transferred on a smartphone and PC. The synchronization of data happens in real-time via Bluetooth. The devices have been instrumental in alerting users of low blood oxygen levels and have saved many people from heart and brain function damages.


There have also been many documented cases where our Checkme O2 assisted in the detection of Covid-19. Check here to know more about this topic on our guide: How Pulse Oximetry Measures Can Help Detect COVID-19.

Checkme O2 (Left) O2Ring(right)

Blood Pressure Monitor Armfit+


Even though the Armfit+ is not part of the Checkme Series, it is one of Viatom's most representative products. It allows you to monitor your blood and heart health in one tool.


The Armfit+ blood pressure monitor effectively measures the blood pressure and ECG of a patient. Uncontrolled high blood pressure can lead to several conditions, including heart attack or stroke. As a result of the pressure, the arteries can become harder and thicker, causing heart complications and brain function damage.


As per the other products, the Armfit+ can be connected and share information with your mobile devices. To know more about blood pressure, you can check our comprehensive guide: Blood Pressure Monitor: What is it and How it works.

The Future of Health Care


Currently, at Viatom, we aim to strengthen our domestic presence and expand the overseas homecare and telemedicine markets. In the near future, we have in store new developments of innovative medical devices.


In the time of need, Viatom has provided support in the fight against Covid-19. As dreamers and doers, we stand in the front line of striving for better health care and disease prevention worldwide. Contact us to know more about our solutions!



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