Remote Patient Monitoring Solution

To solve users' remote monitoring challenges, Viatom offers a telehealth solution for homecare and clinic and launched the remote patient monitoring device---Remote Linker.

​What is remote linker?

​A Light Remote Patient Monitoring Solution.

The combination of oximeter, app and remote linker creates a reliable remote real-time monitoring system. Remote Linker is a telehealth device suitable for quarantined patients monitoring, family remote monitoring, elderly care and community health care.

· Real-time SpO2, pulse rate, pulse wave transfer via Wi-Fi.
· Very easy to setup and share.
· Support for online upgrades.

Applicable scene

Doctors and healthcare providers:

Simple to operate and easy to set up. Just input the same share code in the mobile terminal,and you can get real-time health data of patients anytime and anywhere.

Home users:

Only need an app, a remote linker, and an oximeter.

User can build a real-time monitoring method between family members or doctors.

Can be used for remote patient monitoring, quarantined patients monitoring.

Viatom supports customized solutions.

We provides customized remote monitoring solutions for ECG, blood pressure, heart rate, etc. 

Viatom has built ViHealth, which can work with remote linker. It is an APP that is compatible with other products and a remote patient monitoring APP, as an important part of a remote patient monitoring solution.



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