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Wearable Pulse Oximeter


A fingertip oximeter that fits into everyday use and helps measure oxygen saturation and heart rate.

The soft silicone finger casing gives the user an excellent experience.


  • Soft silicone ring, more comfortable

  • Track SpO2 and Pulse Rate continuously

  • Audible reminder for low blood oxygen and heart rate on phone or oximeter

  • Adjust volume and threshold of reminder on App

  • IP64 protection 

Smart And Long-lasting


- Free App.
- Work independently from your phone.
- Built-in rechargeable battery provides 16 hours of battery life.

Audible Alarm

This device uses audible alarm reminder.
The device and phone will alert you immediately when an oxygen deficiency condition is detected.
This feature is suitable for use in personal care, home care, community care and other scenarios.

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