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ai ecg platform

Traditional Algorithms


  • Low reliability of traditional automated 12-lead ECG diagnosis

  • Mainly identify the RR intervals of ECG, easily ignoring P and QS waves

  • Multiple ECG phenomena co-exist and interfere with each other, making it easy to misdiagnose

  • The positive prediction rate for screening atrial fibrillation based on the photoplethysmography  (PPG) is 91.6%.

  • Relies too much on the subjective experience of the physician,unable to analyze data immediately based on past clinical cases 

  • Based on waveform image input, effectively capturing the entire waveform

  • The multilayer processing of convolutional neural networks effectively removes the influence of interfering information on ECG diagnosis.

  • Sensitivity is above 99% for all 12 types of arrhythmic events

  • The positive prediction rate for screening atrial fibrillation based on Ai-ECG Platform is 98.67%.

  • 7,100+ application institutions and 14,000,000 ECG services volume​

Why Viatom AI-ECG Platform

Many arrhythmias do not occur frequently enough to be detected with current monitoring technologies such as Holters and Event monitors. Patients suffering from such arrhythmias require efficient and reliable long-term continuous real-time monitoring.

 Viatom AI-ECG allows patients to be monitored 24 hours a day, even outside the hospital. Patients will achieve real-time data transmitted by using a convenient, non-invasive monitoring device. Its intelligent diagnostic module, which offers a wide range of options to ensure patient compliance and customer satisfaction. Viatom AI ECG is designed to monitor different types of arrhythmias.



Atrial Fibrillation.jpg

Atrial Fibrillation

Asystole & Syncope.jpg

Asystole & Syncope

Sinus tachycardia.jpg

Sinus tachycardia

artial fluter.jpg



Our AI ECG detects more than 20 types of events

Including the main arrhythmias:

  • Sinus Rhythm

  • Sinus Rhythm、Ectopic Rhythm

  • Ectopic Rhythm

  • Sinus Tachycardia

  • Sinus Bradycardia

  • PAC(Premature Supraventricular Contraction)

  • PVC(Premature Ventricular Contraction)

  • Couplet of PAC

  • Couplet of PVC

  • PAC Trigeminy

  • PVC Trigeminy

  • PAC Bigeminy

  • PVC Bigeminy

  • Supraventricular Tachycardia

  • Ventricular Tachycardia

  • Atrial Flutter

  • Atrial Fibrillation

Validation of Our algorithm

95.2% accuracy.png

95.2% accuracy

1 million independent test data.png

1 M+ independent test data

50 million accurate data fragments.png

50 M+ accurate data fragments

Operational efficiency.jpg

Improve your workflow through economical and practical smart healthcare


Our platform will automate much of the workload of expert diagnostic ECGs, thus saving up to 78% of the time required for Holter analysis and reporting. 

Free doctors from the hassle of extensive, repetitive measurement work. Improve the level of information technology in primary care, the effectiveness of primary care diagnostics and address the shortage of excellent medical resources. Helps you scale up cardiac practice at minimal cost.  

Learn about our process >


Cardiologists need reliable medical-grade AI solutions

Use our expertise, data, and technology to deliver solutions that solve your customers’ problems.
AI-ECG platform will be the excellent cardiac diagnostic assistant for doctors, intelligently diagnose 16 categories, more than 104 kinds of abnormal ECG/EKG events. Automatically complete the whole process from ECG examination, data upload, AI analysis, to report generation.

Learn about our algorithms >


Customer satisfaction.jpg
Scale your services.jpg

Bringing the best to serve patients across the globe


Used with Viatom wearable heart monitor , HeartView - with flexible fit and non-sensitive wear. Helps families and individual users to manage heart health 24 hours. Real-time alert analysis generated after monitor abnormal waveforms, eliminating the need for a doctor's diagnosis.

Viatom ECG Monitor >

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