Remote Solution

A solution that connects users, families, and doctors for data management and data sharing.

Remote linker, link your data.

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Remote Solution


A solution that connects users,families,and doctors for data management and data sharing.

Remote linker,link your data.




  Viatom is a member of LEPU Group committed to design and manufacture healthcare products that are easier to use so that people can achieve health more easily.

  Viatom possesses strong research and development capabilities, combines professional medical research and development capabilities with mobile Internet technologies. We manufacture wearable medical devices and home medical devices such as pulse oximeters, portable vital signs monitors, EKG/ECG holter monitor and portable blood pressure monitor.

Explore our full portfolios​

Pulse Oximeters

Vital Signs Monitors 

ECG/EKG Monitor

Blood Pressure Monitor

Body Scale

Fetal Doppler



Professional Healthcare
A great partner of medical devices for doctors and family healthcare.
​Mother & Child Care

In the future, home medical devices for healthcare will be smarter and more portable.​​

​Wearable Healthcare
We provide a variety of wearable medical devices from fetal heart rate monitoring during pregnancy to pediatric blood oxygen testing.



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