Checkme™ Pro

Vital Signs Monitor​

Convenient | Professional | Versatile

The Most Versatile Tricorder

ECG Recorder

SpO2 Record

Pulse Oximeter




Not only versatile, but also portable

Checking Health Anywhere Anytime

ECG Recorder

Pulse Oximeter

  • Supports both cable and cable-free operation

  • 500 Hz sampling rate and wide bandwidth

  • 30/60/90s of full disclosure waveform can be replayed

  • Professional ECG algorithm is able to provide
    not only Heart
    Rate, but also QRS duration, ST
    segment, and rhythm analysis

  • Supports both cable and cable-free operation

  • Built-in SpO2 sensor supports cable-free

  • External soft-cover SpO2 sensor is available

  • Oxygen saturation, pulse rate and pulse strength are available

SpO2 Recorder

  • Checkme™ Pro is an ideal device for recording    the SpO2 overnight.

  • Comfortable wristband and soft-cover SpO2 sensor

  • Records SpO2 up to 10 hours


  • Built-in high accuracy 3D smart sensor

  • Accurately calculate steps, calories and amount of fat burned

  • Intelligent algorithm to calculate distance no need to set stride length


  • Integrated infrared temperature sensor with high accuracy

  • Very easy to use and quick to get reading

  • Safe and comfortable, no need to worry wake up child while sleeping

BP Tracker

 *Blood pressure cuff is optional
  • Work with the BP accessory via Bluetooth

  • Easy to take along, robust

  • Takes only 20 seconds

  • Manage all vital signs data together

Calendar & Reminder

  • Automatically enter calendar & clock mode when no operation is detected

  • Ultra-low power consumption, charging the battery once works for months

  • Automatically starts ECG measurement when you pick it up






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