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24h ecg holter

▎24h ECG  Holter Recorder

Mobile ecg holter

ER1LW records the patient's cardiac electrical activity continuously for 24 hours, up to 72 hours. ER1LW is designed for physicians to discover arrhythmias and myocardial ischemia that are difficult to detect during routine electrocardiogram examinations and provides an important objective basis for clinical diagnosis, treatment and efficacy.


  • Dynamic real-time ECG Holter

  • 24H/72H Continuous recording

  • AI-ECG intelligently identify abnormal ECG events

  • 0.96-inch OLED screen, Bluetooth real-time transmission


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Common mode rejection ratio
Input signal range
10mV (peak-to-bottom)
Input impedance
≥10MΩ, 10Hz
0.67 ~ 40 Hz
Charging time
3 hours (to 90% capacity)
Battery life
168 hours (fully charged)
Power supply
Rechargeable polymer battery; 3.8V DC, 240mAh
Sampling resolution
Sampling rate
250Hz (125Hz for saving)
Lead type
Single Lead (The waveform is similar to Lead Ⅱ ECG)
100×23×8.3 mm; <18 g (including battery)
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