Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor


Blood pressure monitoring is more convenient

This Wireless blood pressure monitor provides medically accurate blood pressure and heart rate measurements with instant feedback on the device and a history of the data provided in the APP


  • CE and FDA approved

  • Multiple parameters: SYS, DIA, MAP, pulse pressure and pulse rate

  • Support multiple user management and blood pressure trend on App

  • Image and audio guide on App, easy to use

  • Share PDF/CSV report with doctor on APP

  • Compatible with Apple Health


| Specifications 


5.6oz /160g


Device dimensions

1.5'' x 1.2'' x 1.5'' (68*25mm, main unit)


Cuff size

9'' - 17''/22-42cm



Bluetooth 4.0 BLE 


Recorded parameters 

Diastolic blood pressure, systolic blood pressure, pulse rate, mean arterial pressure, pulse pressure.

Measure technology

Oscillometric method

Cuff pressure range

0-300 mmhg

Blood pressure accuracy 

±3 mmhg


Pulse rate range

30 to 250 bpm


Pulse rate accuracy 

±2 bpm 


Degree of dust & water resistance 



Battery life 

Rechargeable lithium-polymer, dc 5v. 

One charge for 1000 measurements.


iOS compatible

iOS 9.0 or above. 

iPhone 4s or above; iPad 3 or above.


Android compatible

Android 5.0 or above, with Bluetooth 4.0 BLE.


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