Checkme™ Lite

Get vital health signal Anytime & Anywhere
Checkme Lite Vital Signs Monitor

Checkme™ Lite Vital Signs Monitor is an innovative device which integrates multiple functionalities into one compact and portable unit. It supports cable-free measurement of ECG, Spo2 and Systolic blood pressure. The Daily Check function just takes 20 seconds.


With 2.4" color touch screen, well-organized user interface and audio instructions, Checkme™ Lite is very intuitive and easy to use. Thanks to portability (64g) and usability, Checkme™ Lite enables you to check your health at anytime anywhere.

ECG Recorder
  • ECG Recorder in your pocket

  • Built-in high-quality electrodes

  • Cable-free measurement takes only 30s

  • Full disclosure waveform can be replayed

  • Professional ECG algorithm provided

  • Two measure mode: Lead I and Lead II

Lead I

Lead II

  • Built-in SpO2 sensor

  • Cable-free SpO2 measurement

  • Pulse rate and PI are also available

Pulse Oximeter
Daily Check
  • After effective BP (blood pressure) calibration

  • Daily Check function measure multi vital signs in 20 seconds, such as Heart Rate, SpO2, PI (Perfusion Index), Systolic blood pressure.

  • Data can be uploaded to APP

  • Report can be printed out by PC Software

     Data management



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