Vital Signs Monitor

Checkme Pro

Nowadays, busy schedules, lack of medical resources, inconvenient access to medical care, etc. are very common. This is often the case with urban workers, the elderly and hospitals.

In order to solve this problem, Viatom has launched a self-developed product - Checkme Pro. Checkme Pro integrates multiple functions to provide a comprehensive and convenient health solution for customers in need.


  • Cable / Cable free operation

  • 30s~24h ECG record and analysis

  • Oxygen level spot check

  • Oxygen level sleep monitor for sleep apnea

  • Infrared thermometer

  • Multi-user management

  • 2.4" touch screen

  • Support App and PC software

All in One

Checkme Pro combines multiple R&D technologies of Viatom. It has multiple index detection functions, including monitoring of ECG, Blood Oxygen, and Body Temperature. Besides, it can achieve 24-hour ECG monitoring, 24-hour Blood Oxygen monitoring, and Blood Sugar and Blood Pressure testing.

For Data can be Detected and Saved.

For mobile customers, we have an app for downloading; in addition, Viatom has developed its own software to meet the needs of PC users.







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