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Single-lead Holter Monitor


An ECG holter recorder that can be used anytime and anywhere, compact and easy to carry, suitable for use during sports and work.


  • Designed for sports

  • Two wearing modes with a chest strap or electrodes

  • 30s~24h heart rate monitoring

  • 30s~30min ECG recording

  • User-defined alarm triggered by High-Low heart rate level

  • View and record real-time ECG on App

  • Compatible with GARMIN watch

  Keep Moving, keep monitoring

  • Up to 24 hours of heart rate monitoring, 30 minutes of ECG recording, long time period recording suitable for sports people.


  • Ant+ Connection: Can be connected with Ant+ compatible devices, such as GARMIN watch; Can check the user's heart data at any time without a smartphone.

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