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Pediatric Finger Pulse Oximeter


A non-invasive, easy-to-use fingertip oximeter for children aged 2-12 years.

FS20P can detect the SpO2, Pulse Rate, Pulse Wave and Pulse Histogram in real time 


  • Designed for children above 2 years old

  • Accurate measurement of SpO2 and Pulse Rate

  • Bar graph and pulse waveform display

  • One-button operation for easy use.

  • Automatically enters sleep mode

  • OLED display

About FS20P

--- Suitable Age: 2-12 years old

--- Finger Diameter: 0.3 "-0.44"

--- Abnormal Value Warning: The screen flashes to warn of abnormal blood oxygen level and pulse rate.

--- SpO2 Warning Threshold: 88%  Accuracy: ±2%
--- PR Warning Threshold: High/Low: 120bpm/40bpm  Accuracy: ±3 bpm   

--- Easy Operation: Just put the finger in to measure, press the button to start, take out the finger to automatically shut down.

--- OLED Screen: Clearer result, higher brightness ,lower energy consumption
--- Design: Child-friendly design

| Specification

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