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Wearable ring oximeter         


A wearable ring oximeter for ages 3-10 years that measures blood oxygen, heart rate and body movements.


  • Soft silicone ring, more comfortable

  • Track SpO2 and Pulse Rate continuously

  • Built-in vibrator triggered by Low oxygen levels and abnormal heart rate detection

  • Adjust volume and threshold of reminder on App

  • IP64 protection 

About KidsO2


-- Suitable for users aged 3-10 years.
-- Patented medical-grade ring: silicone material, soft and non-allergenic to human skin.
-- Supports exporting data in PDF/CSV format via Bluetooth to APP and PC software.
-- How long the blood oxygen saturation is below 90%, how many times it drops over 4% and even the exact value can be viewed on the APP.

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