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Smart Body Composition Scale


Professional body scale specially designed for measuring body composition

Viatom smart body composition scale adopts segmented multi-frequency bioimpedance measurement method, with eight electrodes, five segments and dual frequency measurement mode.


・8 high-precision sensors with high-precision anti-interference fat measurement chip, measurement repeatability > 0.985 weighing, weight tracking accuracy 0.2 lb / 100 g.

・P1's surface is 6mm tempered glass, and the non-slip foot pad area is larger, so users will feel more smoothly and safely. P1 can support up to 400 lb weight.

・Large VA color display, intuitively displays 8 basic body components, including weight, BMI, body fat, body water, muscle mass, bone mass, body age and body shape. Read the results instantly, with no need to repeatedly connect the APP.

・The body composition analysis report covers 19 items of body composition data and trends, analyzes the distribution of body fat and muscle throughout the body and provides professional index references.

・Wireless bluetooth second-speed connection, APP synchronization record, cloud storage of historical data, remote weighing are more convenient.

Manage data for up to 24 users, supports automatic identification of a single user and separate management of data.

P1 Smart body composition scale
difference between four-electrode and eight electrode body scale

High-Precision Health Management Solutions


Comparing the 8-electrode multifrequency BIA with the four-compartment model and dilution technique, there was little statistical difference in the bias between the 8-electrode multifrequency BIA and the results of other reference methods among different populations. The BIA showed similar differences (−0.2 -- 0.2 kg FFM) between the four-compartment model and the two-compartment reference method (−0.2 -- 0.3 kg FFM).8-electrode multi-frequency BIA has been proven in effective and accurate. Eight-electrode, segmental multi-frequency BIA is an effective tool for estimating body composition. It can display body conditions more comprehensively and accurately, thereby helping users to better plan exercise or weight loss plans, more scientific management of the body.

test of 8-electrode multifrequency BIA
P1 Smart body composition scale

Five Segments and Dual Frequency Measurement Mode

The traditional four-electrode measurement is measure users' lower body fat rate by contacting the lower limbs with the electrodes to form a current loop.P1 Smart body composition scale adopts the more scientific and accurate 8-electrode segmented body fat measurement method, divides the human body into 5 segments (left hand, right hand, left leg, right leg, trunk), and independently measures the body fat percentage of each segment.P1 smart body fat scale can not only provide a more accurate comprehensive body fat rate, but also provide segmented body fat rate and muscle mass of each trunk part, and the body fat data is more comprehensive and detailed.

               High-Precision Analysis of
        Self-Developed Body Data Model

P1 Smart body composition scale adopts the BIA bioresistance measurement method, combined with the 8-electrode segmented body fat measurement method, by increasing the number of electrodes and segmenting multi-frequency methods, effectively eliminate individual differences and ensure high precision of measurement. It can comprehensively and accurately measure 13
comprehensive body data such as weight, BMI, visceral fat, body fat, muscle, bone mass, water, basal metabolism, and protein. Reflect the actual situation of the body from the perspective of body composition, and display the measurement results simply and clearly.

Smart body composition scale
key index of 8-electrode body scale

               Exclusive Dual-Frequency AC Fat Measurement Technology

Relying on the breakthrough dual-frequency AC fat measurement technology, P1 intelligent body fat scale uses the multi-frequency microcurrent generated by the AC signals of 20kHz and 100kHz two different frequency bands to analyze the main components of intracellular fluid and extracellular fluid, so as to obtain deeper and more detailed potential feedback and accurately analyze the total amount of water in the body. Compared with similar products, P1 Smart body composition scale can obtain more accurate measurement data, helping users to perceive subtle body changes more comprehensively.

dual-frequency AC fat measurement of 8 electrode body scale

Track health management progress

report of Smart body composition scale

Body Composition In-depth Analysis Report

P1 Smart body composition scale connects seamlessly to the APP through Bluetooth, allowing body parameters automatically synchronize with the mobile health app, making users easy and convenient to track daily progress.Viatom body composition report includes 13 data indicators and personalized diet and exercise recommendations to help users make better health decisions and achieve goals.Whether it's a company, nursing home, or other groups, P1 is the first choice of multi-group users. P1's multi-user management function supports up to 24 users and supports managing each user's data individually.


                      Integrating with Your Healthcare System

Viatom provides reliable and comprehensive integration services that can be customized according to platform and system requirements, making it the best provider for your health management projects.

integration of P1 Smart body composition scale


application of 8-electrode body scale

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