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The 12 lead holter recorder with AI Analysis

▎12 lead Holter recorder
  with AI Analysis

TH12 Lead Holter 


Th12 is equipped with AI-ECG platform, which effectively solves the problem of comprehensive data management inside and outside the hospital, accurately captures subtle ECG changes, and provides a reliable basis for clinical diagnosis and treatment.

| Features

Detailed report

AI-ECG Report.AI intelligently identifies 25 heart abnormalities,such as Atrial Fibrillation,  Atrial Flutter,Ventricular Tachycardia,Supraventricular Tachycardia,etc.

24h dynamic recording

24h dynamic recording.Holter ECG can continuously record ECG for 24h monitoring for 7 consecutive days in daily activities.Professional inspection standard.

Professional AI analysis report

Professional AI ECG analysis platform.Get medical-level AI-ECG interpretation from the AI-ECG Platform, which is powerful to identify most common abnormalities.

With Pacing Check Function

With Pacing Check Function.ECG with 250Hz sampling rate and pacemaker function for high quality data.

SD card description

SD Card.Th12 lead recorder has built-in sd card, supports data export, realizes massive ECG data storage, and facilitates data storage and management. 

  • Advanced remote artificial intelligence algorithm targeted analysis

  • AI (artificial intelligence-enabled) ECG algorithm, which is based on 300,000 patients and 50 million learning data fragments to analyze data and generate reports.

  • Waveform view: client & pdf report

The 12 lead holter recorder with ai diagnose system

24-Hour ECG with AI-Generated Report


Take continuous ECGS anytime, anywhere

  • Small and portable, it can be hung by the bed in the hospital and can be carried around outside the hospital

  • Single/batch analysis available

  • Accurate capture of paroxysmal or transient arrhythmias, significant transient changes in myocardial ischemia.

The process of 12-lead Holter output report 

The process of 12-lead Holter output report
home-th12 lead holter application

Applicable people

For People with unexplained chest tightness, chest pain, dizziness, left shoulder pain, and professionals who are sub-healthy, stay up late, and work heavily.

Nursing Home

Suitable for people with a history of heart disease and those on long-term anti-arrhythmic medication. Facilitates health care and screening of older people in nursing homes.

Nursing home-th12 lead holter application
Medical Center-th12 lead holter application

Medical Center

Compared with static ECG monitoring, it is easier to identify hidden cardiac abnormalities and reduce the burden of diagnosis on doctors.


Patients who need regular follow-up during cardiac surgery recovery period or patients wear a pacemaker.

Cardiology-th12 lead holter application

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| Specification


Power Supply
1*AAA alkaline battery (1.5V 700mAh) for 24 hours recording
HDMI (for lead wire)/USB (for USB connecting)
62g (main unit with battery)
1.4" 128*64pixals Liquid crystal screen (LCD)


Temperature rise of the applied parts
Not exceed 1℃
Duration of contact for all applied parts and accessible parts
Polarization Resistance Voltage
24 hours, Equipped with SD card
Time Constant
Frequency Response
System Noise
≤ 50μ V(p/v)
Common Mode Rejection
Input Impedance
Input Dynamic Range
≤ ±5mV
Sampling Accuracy
24 bits
Sampling Frequency

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