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bp2 wifi blood pressure monitor

 Wifi blood pressure       
   monitor with ECG 

Armfit+ Wifi Upgrade

BP2 connect

Using Armfit's wifi upgrade version — BP2Connect to achieve       real-time transmission of blood pressure and ecg data. Viatom wifi blood pressure monitor with ECG can be integrated into the telemedicine monitoring and chronic disease tracking platform to obtain accurate blood pressure and ECG readings anytime, anywhere.


  • Blood Pressure Measurement: systolic, diastolic blood pressure and pulse rate

  • ECG Measurement: 30s recording with internal electrodes

  • Multiple Lead set: Lead I, Lead II and Chest Lead

  • Portable design: lightweight cuff, OLED display and built-in rechargeable battery 

  • Easy to operate:Operate easily on the device to measure blood pressure and ECG, and results will be automatically saved on the device and sync to your mobile when the monitor connect with paired hotspot.

  • Wi-Fi & Bluetooth:Thanks to the integration of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi chips,data will be automatically synchronized to the mobile app in the background, ensuring the latest recordshows on your palm as soon as possible.

  • AI ECG Platform:BP2 Connect can workwith AI-ECG platform* (on app) to obtain AI analysis report to identify cardiovascular anomalies, for the better understanding of your heart and blood vessels situation.

bluetooth and wifi technology of wifi bp monitor

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi chips technology

Viatom’s wifi blood pressure monitor with ECG allows you to connect to the free Vihealthy app, where you can track, report store and share data with your physician or healthcare professionals for a continuous loop of heart-health insights that inform cardiac treatment decisions. Also, the flexible network access method is friendly to third-party systems.

2-in-1 ECG and Blood
Pressure Monitor

BP2 CONNECT is in combination with blood pressure monitor and EKG monitor. Its convenient design and features enable home users to detect early signs of irregularities in cardiac functions, which gives a more comprehensive of heart condition.

BP2 CONNECT's wifi function enables doctors to measure both of these risk factors for chronic diseases such as congestive heart failure (CHF), stroke, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) remotely allowing those living with AFib (atrial fibrillation)a simple way to keep track of their condition and know when to seek treatment.

wifi blood pressure monitor with ecg

Good choice for People with atrial fibrillation 

BP2 Connect can work with AI-ECG platform*(on app) to obtain AI analysis reports to identify cardiovascular anomalies, for a better understanding of heart and blood vessels situation.


The intelligent diagnostic module of Bp2 Connect, offers a wide range of options to ensure patient compliance and customer satisfaction. AI-ECG is designed to monitor different types of arrhythmias.

Monitor EKG
Monitor blood pressure
Monitor heart rate
wifi blood pressure monitor app

Thanks to the integrated Wireless chip, the users of wifi blood pressure monitor can easily pair the monitor with and sync records with mobile. And the measurement results will be automatically uploaded to the cloud has higher safety and reality. And We don’t have to worry about data loss.

Secure remote data transmission 

画板 7-3.jpg
data measurement  of wifi blood bressure monitor

Accuracy and reliable data measurement 

Support systolic, diastolic, ECG and pulse measurement. And BP2 CONNECT  ‘X3 Measurements function provides 
automatic 3 times measurements and automatically gets the average value, so as to reduce the bias caused by randomness and give more reliable blood pressure results.

BP2 CONNECT  ‘X3 Measurements’ function

For more information, please contact us.

| Specification

Blood Pressure Measurement

Pulse Rate Accuracy:±2/min
Pulse Rate Range:40-200/min
Clinical Standard:IEC80601-2-30
Measurement Range:0-300mmHg
Technology:Oscillometric Method

Power Supply

Battery Life:500 measurements in typical use
Battery:Rechargeable lithium-polymer
Charging:Type-C 5V-1A, 2 hours for a typical charging


ECG:10 sets
Blood Pressure:50 sets


Wireless:Bluetooth 4.0 BLE
Wi-Fi4 IEEE802.11b/g/n

ECG Recording

Heart Rate Accuracy:±2/min OR ±2% whichever is greater
Heart Rate Range:30-250/min
Recording Length:30s
Lead Set:Lead I, Lead II, Chest Lead
Lead Type:Integrated ECG Electrodes


Display:1.4 inch Digital OLED
Cuff size:22-42cm (Standard, other sizes are optional)
Weitgt (the main unit):240g
Size(the main unit):135mm * 45mm * 20mm

ViHealth App

Sync to Apple Health:Applicable to Apple iOS devices only
Operation System:iOS 9.0 or later/Android 5.0 or later
Advanced Functions:Record Roaming
Basic Functions:Multi-User Management, Records Saving, Filter, Records Sharing
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