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Digital Body Composition Scale with HA screen

Digital Body Composition Scale with HA screen

Lescale Mat

Visualize body data and explore a healthier lifestyle

Viatom smart scale analyzes all the body data to compare the before and after data more accurately and objectively. Used as a clinical health aid, it effectively provides valid data for reference after surgery and during the weight loss process to move on to the next stage faster.

It is not just a small weight digits


  • Test body balance:Viatom body fat scale displays the measurer’s body balance through the variance data on the scale after measurement. Viatom Digital Body Composition Scale can also help adjust the standing posture such as "high and low shoulders" and "scoliosis" in a timely manner.

  • Automatically recognizes up to 24 users: The memory chip built in the smart scale can store 100 sets of data and automatically recognize them based on the person’s weight while allowing a 2kg /4.4 lb weight shift.

  • Monitor weight loss progress: Through the weekly, monthly, and annual reports in the app to understand the changes in 16 physical indicators, helping users with weight loss goals achieve weight loss faster.

  • Exercise & health assistant:The Heart Rate, Heart Index and other indicators monitored by the body fat scale will help users determine a reasonable exercise method and intensity and set specific weekly goals. While monitoring the body weight, Viatom also protects heart health.

High Accuracy & Fast Measurements

The Viatom Smart scale is equiped with four High-Precision G-sensors and
4 eletrodes to ensure the a quick and accurate body composition ananlytics. 

High Accuracy & Fast Measurements

We concern about your health with body balance and heart rate checking.

body balance and heart rate checking

Healthy is more than just a weight number.

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For a quotation or technical support, please feel free to contact us.

| Specification

Wireless Connectivity
Display Unit
kg / lb/st
Power Supply
Rechargeable lithium cell 600mAh
Screen Size
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