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Fetal Heart Monitor


Viatom Handheld Pocket Fetal Stethoscope provides a simple, easy-to-use ultrasound detector that allows pregnant women to detect the fetal heart rate (FHR) and listen to the sound of the heartbeat.

| Features

  • Comfortable wearing experience

  • Track and record oxygen levels and heart rate

  • Built-in vibrator triggered by Low oxygen levels and abnormal heart rate detection

  • Built-in memory with 40 hours recording

  • Sync real-time data on App via Bluetooth

  • Review data, report and trend on App


| Specifications 


--Anti-electroshock type: Internal power supply equipment

--Anti-electroshock Degree: Type BF equipment

--Liquid Proof Degree: IP22, common instrument, waterproof

--Working System: Continuous running equipment

-EMC: Group I Class B


Physical Characteristic

 1.Size: 135mm ×95mm ×35 mm

 2.Weight: approximately 500g (including battery)



39.6mm×31.68mm LCD

Recommend Battery

2 pieces of 1.5V alkaline battery

Performance parameter

--Working frequency of ultrasonic

   Working frequency of ultrasonic is 3.0MHz,

   ±10%nominal standard

--Integrated sensitive

   200mm distance from probe,

    integrated sensitive≥90db

--Display range:50-230bpm(±2bpm)


Working frequency 3.0MHz





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