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Fingertip Oximeter


The Fingertip Pulse Oximeter fits easily in one pocket, making it a great product for home use as well as healthcare facilities.

Compact in appearance and caters to the stylish design.
It is quick and easy to use with the battery.


| Features

  • SpO2 and Pulse Rate measurement

  • Bar graph and pulse waveform display

  • User-defined alarm for SpO2 and Heart Rate

  • Up to 12 groups SpO2 data storage

  • OLED Display


Quick Test and Quick Monitor


Track SpO2 and Pulse Rate

Data, including SpO2 and Pulse rate, can be monitored in 5 seconds.

Oxygen saturation, Pulse rate, Pulse rate wave, Pulse bar graph, Battery indicator are all displayed on the screen at the same time, providing multiple indicators of health.

We provide and store 12 sets of data. The PC-20F automatically alerts you if the warning value is exceeded.


| Specifications 


OLED screen



1.83oz / 52g


Device dimensions

2.20'' x 1.34'' x 1.18''  


Pulse rate range

30 to 240 bpm  


Oxygen level range


Oxygen transducer

Dual-wavelength led sensor


Perfusion index (pi) tange


Spo2 default alarm limit

low limit: 90%

Pulse rate default alarm limit

High limit: 120bpm

Low limit: 50bpm

Pulse rate analysis

Spot check mode: 12 types of preset analysis


Measuring mode

30 seconds spot check and continuous mode


Power supply

2 x aaa alkaline battery; 3.0v dc


Data storage

Up to 12 groups


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