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Smart Body Fat Scale Is Your Great Health Personal Trainer to Control Health

Keeping healthy is an everlasting topic for human. People are keen on living a healthy life, but it is too hard to keep on, especially for the overweight who have tried countless ways including dieting and fitness. With so many efforts, their body shapes in the mirror and weights on smart body fat scales yet still maintain the same. Research shows that even under the attention on health, obesity has become a public health concern, with more than 650 million people around the globe considered obese. 


Obesity raises the risk of death from other complications
Obesity raises the risk of death from other complications

One of the major issues that make the process of weight loss hard is the inability to gain accurate measurements for tracking your progress on losing fat. With a smart body fat scale, you are able to obtain information related to more than just your total body weight, such as body fat rate, muscle mass, BMI and so on. Apart from monitoring the progress you make, can a professional smart body fat scale replace personal trainers to instruct your plan of keeping fit?

The Bad Situation of the Personal Trainer Market

The Internet is flooded with information about personal fitness training that can make you lose weight significantly in the short term. Many people believe these advertisements and are eager to try, hoping to lose weight quickly. But often the result they get is that they spend a huge course fee but can't get a good effect. The exaggeration and falsehood of the fitness private training market cannot get the best effect through high quality and low price training. It is time-consuming and labor-consuming to find a responsible and efficient personal trainer from a large number of health personal training information. The good news is that you don't need to worry about these problems now. A smart body fat scale can help you better control your health.

Smart Body Fat Scale VS Standard Scales

Many people equip their bathroom with an ordinary scale, with the goal of measuring their performance when trying to lose weight. A standard scale does come with its advantages, but the functionality of these products is extremely limited. With a standard scale, the only data you can obtain is the increase and decrease of your total body weight, which cannot give you enough information to refine the existing fitness program. When you are looking to improve your health by losing weight, there are additional factors that you need to take into consideration. Therefore, you need a helpful assistant to display the detailed information.

This is where a smart body fat scale comes into play. These scales display not only a view of total weight but also some functional factors as follows:

What is normal BMI?
  • BMI: It tells you if you are overweight or slim. The one whose BMI falls between 18.5 and 24.9 is healthy.

  • Body fat percentage: It reveals the risk of some diseases. The body fat percentage of a healthy female is from 21% to 36%. To a healthy male, the percentage is 11% to 24%.

  • Muscle mass: It indicates the speed of metabolism. The muscle mass of a healthy female is from 63% to 72.5%. To a healthy male, the percentage is 75% to 84%.

  • Total body water: It is a key factor to know whether your way of losing weight is correct or not. The average total body water rate for men and women is 50~60% and 45%~60%.

  • Bone mass: It indicates the risk of fracturing and osteoporosis. It fluctuates by age; if it is too high, fracturing is easy to happen; if the bone mass is too low, osteoporosis will appear.

This type of precision data can be much more useful when it comes to tracking the progress and performance of a fitness program you are following. With the combination of the data, you can choose the most effective way to realize your desires. For instance, when the weight of a female is 65kg, and her body fat percentage is 39%, she needs to lose weight by anaerobic exercises like running or swimming and keep an eye on her BMI to see if she is losing weight. Don’t forget to refer to total body water: if it sharply decreases, while body fat rate is still the same, that means you are losing the water of your body, not the fat. In this case, you should change your way of keeping fit. If you would like to reshape the bottom, you can concentrate on body fat percentage and muscle mass while squatting to turn the fat into muscle.

The Advantages of a Smart Body Fat Scale

A smart body scale is produced to provide more data that you can use in your weight loss routine. What’s more, it can also result in a more cost-effect solution compared to the utilization of a personal trainer. While personalized programs can be effective, personal trainers can charge hundreds of dollars for this type of system. You'll also need to visit the personal trainer on a regular basis, and those sessions usually come at an hourly rate. 

During the earlier stages of weight loss. When you start a new diet and exercise program, the BMI data from a smart body fat scale will tell you if your efforts work on running and other anaerobic exercises. You should also see if the body fat rate reduces——lower body fat means less chance to regain the weight. With the monitoring of a smart scale, there is no need to waste money in employing a personal trainer to help you lose weight.

Use body fat scales to monitor fitness effects
Use body fat scales to monitor fitness effects

During the later stage of achieving a better body shape, muscle mass and body fat rate will be the key data you need to focus on. In this situation, you may not know how to practice for a better shape of a part of your body, such as your arm, bottom, or legs. Therefore, you can use a combination of the personal trainer and body fat scales to find correct sports for body shaping and tract by data.

By following a home-based weight loss program and combining this system with a smart body fat scale, you can keep track of your own results. This also allows you to make certain adjustments to your program to help enhance the overall efficacy. 

The real reason why viatom smart body fat scales account for 78% market share

There are quite a large number of smart body fat scales on the market today. This can make the process of choosing a specific one hard, especially under the situation that people differ in their needs when they are in different processes of physical training. The various targets make the standards of choosing a scale distinguish. For instance, a man whose focus was on losing weight will choose the scale with functions of weight and fat mass. When he steps in the zone of normal weight, his aim of exercising will transform to body shaping, and his focus may shift to body fat rate and muscle mass. If the scale he buys at first doesn’t cover the new functions, he has to buy a new one. Therefore, the best body composition scale as Viatom Smart Body Fat Scale is needed for him to solve multiple requirements, give highly accurate data, provide support for body weight, and be a functional addition to the body shaping program. This is where the Viatom Smart Body Fat Scale becomes a handy device. We share five of the top reasons why you should consider this particular scale to measure your progress.

1. Real-Time Data 

The Viatom Smart Body Fat Scale is compatible with the official Vihealth app, which can be downloaded for free on your smartphone. This app can easily sync with the smart scale by built-in Bluetooth technology, providing fast-speed information transmission. Once synced, you can check your health with some simple clicks, share the information with your family members or friends, and obtain real-time tracking of body composition over time. There are 15 different measurements supported by the Vihealth app, including weight, BMI, visceral fat, subcutaneous fat, body water, bone mass, heart index, fat-free body weight, BMR, muscle mass, protein, body type, fat mass, body age, and heart rate. Merely standing on the scale for several minutes, you can get all the information above and figure out which part you need to pay attention to. In addition to real-time tracking, you also gain access to historical data to see the big changes you have made. 

2. Accuracy

Accuracy is a key factor in the construction of the Viatom Smart Body Fat Scale. The device uses not only four fine electrodes and anti-inference body fat testing chip, but also accurate and durable sensors to catch the tiny changes of data. With the help of BIA technology, its measurement repeating ability is larger than 0.985, which ensures the reliability of data., along with G-sensors that are made by experts. There is also a full surface sensor at the upper surface of the device, which further contributes to its accuracy. 

3. Multiple Mode Options

The device features multiple modes that adjust the sensitivity of sensors. This helps you keep track of specific elements and enhance the overall accuracy in a particular situation. Easily switch between three modes:

Athlete mode: It is suitable for people who regularly exercise or have long been engaged in physical activities. The scale helps them establish a pragmatic approach to BM management, recognizing the nuances of their sports, leading to great results for better performance. The noting point is that this mode is for people aged 18 and above.

Heart rate monitor mode: We all know the risk of getting heart attack if doing over-intensive sports. But with the heart rate monitor mode, the scale can stop the tragedy. It helps people to track their heartbeat in case they are over-trained. With the guard of their heartbeat, the users can balance the intensity of exercising, avoiding the bad effects that over-trained brings.

Baby mode: It provides a convenient weight measurement for babies, recording their growth. Open the holding baby mode, weigh the adult first, then weigh again with the baby in arms, and the app screen will display the final result of the baby’s weight. Only weight is available for babies——the other composition measurements are for people above the age of 16. 

4. Large Display

In addition to syncing with your smartphone, the scale comes with a large LED screen. This screen is big enough to give you an easy view of eight core measurements because of its 5.3-inch vehicle-standardized VA screen. Your total body weight is displayed in a large text, along with smaller parts that provide you with an overview of other measurements like BMI, water content, and more. 

5. Medical Use

The scale is not only great for people who want to lose weight but can even be a useful medical device. It is convenient for diabetic patients, obese patients, hyperlipidemia patients, and postoperative patients to track physical changes. Patients who need to constantly monitor essential data to assist with their treatment program can utilize the accurate and reliable data presented by this body fat scale. 

6. Scientific Design

The scale is scientifically designed in order to provide a more considerable experience. The double-sided glass adapted in the scale is suitable to use on a wood floor, carpet, and yoga mat. Also, the environment-friendly ITO coating provides a beautiful appearance and a big contacting area. Last but not least, the 6mm armored glass of the scale and anti-skid bottom guarantees safety.


A smart body fat scale can provide extensive data on your weight, fat percentage, and other essential measurements. The Viatom Smart Body Fat Scale comes with a large LED, making it easier to read your data. Viatom specializes in a number of health-related equipment, including scales, pulse oximeters, and more. The OEM solutions offered by Viatom also provide companies an opportunity to produce their own equipment including smart body fat scale.


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