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VIATOM: A Famous Oximeter Supplier You can't Miss in 2021

A wearable pulse oximeter is a piece of equipment that uses light beams to evaluate the pulse rate and the oxygen saturation, which is usually placed on a fingertip. Oxygen saturation shows situations of the amount of oxygen carried in the blood. The wearable pulse oximeter can estimate the amount of oxygen in the blood without drawing a blood sample. [1]

Typically, it gets used for determining the oxygen level in the blood with the help of arterial blood gas analysis. In the pandemic days, the need for a pulse oximeter touched its culmination because COVID-19 victims were majorly short of oxygen levels in the blood. Choosing a good quality pulse oximeter from a reliable oximeter supplier is significant. Viatom is an excellent manufacturer of household medical products. Viatom as a reliable oximeter supplier has exported to more than 40 countries in Europe and America and has helped thousands of hospitals save patients' lives.

Viatom Hot Products
Viatom Hot Products

Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

Viatom Fingertip oximeter——FS20F
Viatom Fingertip oximeter——FS20F

The conventional fingertip pulse oximeter is more suitable for doctors to monitor patients. In cardiac surgery, anesthesia surgery, and dental surgery, it is often necessary to monitor the patient's vital signs through the oximeter to determine whether the operation is progressing smoothly or not. Fingertip pulse oximeter often has a large clear display screen and a tight shading design, which can be well adapted to the strong light environment of the operating room, reducing the impact from ambient light and facilitating doctors and nurses to observe the data in the first time. At the same time, the fingertip design can ensure that the oximeter is not easy to fall off during the measurement process, but the comfort is relatively low, and it is not suitable for long-term wearing.

Wrist Oximeter

Viatom Wrist OXimeter——CheckmeO2 Max
Viatom Wrist OXimeter——CheckmeO2 Max

Although most smart watches now include functions to measure blood oxygen and heart rate, and their principles are similar to acupressure measurement, the signal is often obtained by measuring capillaries which is very weak. Usually, only about 1% of the feedback signal is useful. Therefore, as Apple has clarified: The blood oxygen function of the Apple Watch is used only for health reference but not for a medical diagnosis standard. It is understood that no blood oxygen measurement function on a smart watch has passed NMPA or FDA certification, that is, reaches the level of medical diagnosis.

Therefore, for athletes, smokers, and people who are victims of diseases, including high blood pressure, asthmatic attacks, diabetes, and obesity or overweight, it is necessary to wear a wrist oximeter that can measure accurately. Viatom wrist oximeter can help these people monitor oxygen saturation for up to 72 hours and transmit real-time Bluetooth data.

In addition to measuring routine blood oxygen data, the Viatom wrist oximeter can also display the current PI and PR on the screen.

Ring Oximeter

Ring Oximeter is more suitable for people with chronic diseases and sleep-disordered breathing and can effectively reduce snoring and sleep apnea. In the past, the diagnosis and long-term monitoring of chronic blood oxygen disease have always relied on the traditional professional equipment in the hospital, such as sleep polysomnography. These devices are expensive and have disadvantages such as uncomfortable wearing for a long time, easy to fall off, single-point data, limited clinical application, etc. Hundreds of millions of chronically ill patients around the world require long-term blood oxygen monitoring, especially monitoring at home. The shape of the Ring Oximeter is usually as small and light as an ordinary ring, and it is comfortable to wear. It does not affect sleep and does not easily fall off during monitoring.

Viatom Ring Oximeter——O2Ring
Viatom Ring Oximeter——O2Ring

On the other hand, a ring oximeter is also equally beneficial for heart patients and people who want to know their oxygen level in the blood. Like the wrist oximeter, the ring oximeter also accurately measures the oxygen level and SpO2 level. When the oxygen level drops below 90% or any of the irregular pattern of the heart is noted, the Viatom ring oximeter starts vibrating. It lets the person know about the prevailing situation. Noisy snorers, sleep apnea victims, asthmatic patients, pilots, and even children; all these people can easily use ring oximeters.

Viatom Oximeters

Here are the four oximeters offered by the Viatom:

1. Checkme O2 Max 

Checkme O2 Oximeter is a wrist oximeter that collects data after every two seconds. It also gets equipped with a long-life battery and a more prominent digital screen, along with a patented ring sensor and removable main unit design. With one charge, it might serve for 72 hours. This wireless oximeter’s pulse rate accuracy can be up to ±2 bpm or ±2%.

2. Checkme O2 

Checkme O2 has a battery life of 16 hours and performs data collection after every 2 seconds. It is certified by CE and FDA and informs about abnormality with smart vibration. Apart from this, it can record blood oxygen levels within the body all through the day.

Viatom Wrist Oximeter——Download the full colour page at the end of the article.
Viatom Wrist Oximeter——Download the full Product Brochure at the end.

3. O2Ring 

O2Ring oximeter is a medical-grade wearable ring oximeter. O2Ring adopts an intelligent SOC chip, combined with anti-interference filtering technology, so it has higher accuracy, better stability, and perfect precision measurement.

SpO2 monitoring

PI monitoring