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Snoring is a signal that reminds you to monitor your blood oxygen

Updated: Dec 25, 2020

Snoring is the sound of the tissues in your mouth and throat vibrating when you breathe. It happens because the space is too small for air to move freely and the tissues are too loose. Many things can cause it, some more serious than others. But once you figure out the cause, there are many options to help you get it under control.

About half of people who snore regularly actually stop breathing over and over all night long. It’s a serious condition called obstructive sleep apnea. Your airway closes off and your blood oxygen levels drop until your brain rouses you enough to take a breath. If you have apnea, blood oxygen saturation drops below 90 percent, which is called hypoxemia.

The first symptoms of hypoxia are compensatory heart rate acceleration, increased cardiac beat and cardiac output, and the circulatory system compensates for oxygen deficiency in a highly dynamic state.Repeated lack of oxygen at night will cause the heart rate to rise and fall, causing adverse effects on the body's various systems. And it raises your chances for many other health problems

Apnea is generally accompanied by a decrease in blood oxygen saturation, and monitoring oxygen saturation requires only a probe, which is less disruptive to your sleep.Doctors can infer the number of apnea episodes indirectly from the number of oxygen desaturations, which could serve as a preliminary screen for the diagnosis of sleep apnea syndrome.If the illness is severe, make an appointment for regular sleep monitoring.

In addition, long-term monitoring of blood oxygen saturation in patients who have been treated for sleep apnea, either surgically or on a ventilator, may assess the effectiveness of the treatment.Some pulse oxygen monitors are now as easy to wear as pedometers, and the software also has the function of contacting the doctor, automatically generating reports for the doctor's reference.


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