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Smart Body Fat Scale with Large Display


Multiple modes to suit any household scenario

In addition to the functions of similar products, this product has a new baby mode to meet the weighing of small household objects.Switch sports modes intelligently, support pragmatic BM management strategies, manage goals and competitions, optimize performance, and maintain user health at all times.

・Accurate, fast measurement based on 4high-precision sensors 
・Supports heart rate measurement to prevent sub-health 
・Built-in data memory chip, stores 100 sets of data 
・LED display show 8 essential measurements 
・Gives results in stones, kilograms and pounds
・Allows up to 24 different users to track their readings

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Reliable precision

If monitoring readings are not accurate, there is no way to know the progress of fat loss.
Our technology can guarantee the accuracy.


Why Viatom

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Track health management progress
Vihealth app provides detailed charts of 15 measurement values and saves historical data to track the changes of body composition over days, weeks, months or even years.Clear data charts are convenient for diabetic patients, obese patients, hyperlipidemia patients, and postoperative patients such as kidney transplantation to clearly understand physical changes and provide reliable data for treatment and post-operative index testing.

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Baby Mode.jpg

Baby Mode

A reliable weighing scale is a great choice to accompany the growth of your baby. Open Holding baby mode, weigh adult first, and hold your baby in hand to weight. Then the App screen will show the baby's weight.(Note: Baby mode can only measure baby weght. Body composition measurement only for people above the age of 16).

Athlete Mode of body fat monitor.jpg

Athlete Mode

Athlete mode is suitable for the people  who have long been engaged in physical activities or who regularly exercise more than 3 times a week(only applicable to people aged 18 and above).Body scale monitor can help athletes establish a pragmatic and long-term approach to BM management, recognising the nuances of their sport, leading to good results for health and performance.

Heart rate monitors

Physiological and fitness changes are important indicators of health. By running regularly and monitoring heart rate with the Viatom smart body fat scale, users can find the right average for themselves, help train at the right intensity for their personal training zone and set specific weekly goals. viatom guards your heart health!

Heart Rate Monitor.jpg

For a quotation or technical support, please feel free to contact us.

| Specification

Measurement Accuracy
Body Weight
Display Unit
kg / lb/st
Power Supply
4pcs AAA
Wireless Connectivity
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