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Infrared Thermometer with Bluetooth


Non Contact and Fast Measurement

Temperature can be measured without contact. Safe, infection-proof, suitable for hospital and home use. Accurate measurement and recording.



  • Automatic mode switch between forehead & ear mode

  • 4 functional modes for easy operation

  • LCD screen with 4-color LED backlight

  • Warnings for abnormal readings

  • Designed for all ages

  • View records on App


Continuous Recording

This forehead thermometer from Viatom is suitable for every age group, both adults and children.

Four different color displays for Four different measured temperatures. In addition, it is possible to measure Foreheads, Ears, Objects and even Room Temperature. The main feature of this device is the wide range of measurements.


Likewise, this product is Bluetooth-enabled and can transfer the measurement data to a mobile app. this can be used to track the measurement data history and share it, as well as add detailed notes after each check.


| Specifications 

Device weight 



Measurement range 

For forehead & ear 

32.0°c–42.9°c (89.6°f–109.2°f) 

Wireless connection 

Bluetooth 4.0/free iOS & Android app 


Device dimensions 

5.63'' x 1.38'' x 1.61'' 

Measurement range 

for object

0°c–100°c (32°f–199°f) 



Display type 

LCD screen, 4-color led backlight


Accuracy (Lab) 

±0.2°c /±0.4°f (Ear & Forehead mode)

±1.0°c / ±2.0°f (object mode) 


Power supply 

2 x AAA alkaline battery; 3.0v dc 

(Used for more than 3000 times)


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