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Top 4 Effective Tips on How to Lower Your Blood Pressure

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

High blood pressure is a major threat to our health. As every menace, it should never be underestimated. Together with elevated cholesterol and triglyceride values, it is among the most relevant risks for our heart.

Being able to manage hypertension is crucial to our wellbeing. In this article, we will introduce four main tested tips on how to lower your blood pressure. Read it through to discover our special product recommendation.

All About Blood Pressure Measurement

What is blood pressure?

To better understand, we can consider the following simple example. When we water our courtyard with a garden hose, if we step on the tube, the water struggles to come out. The more force, the less water goes through. Similarly, our blood is pumped in our blood through veins and arteries by our heart. The higher the pressure, the more work the heart has to do. 

How much should the minimum and maximum pressure be? Numerous studies have attempted to answer this question. Although there is some variability in the results, a blood pressure of 115-120 mmHg for the maximum and 75-80 mmHg for the minimum are considered optimal (in adulthood). To know more about blood pressure measurement, you can consult this complete guide: Automatic Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor: What is it and How it works.

Moving on, let’s go through some tested tips to lower your blood pressure.

Keep Your Diet Under Check

We know it is simpler said than done. We all love to eat. Like other diseases and conditions, nutrition can play a decisive role even in relation to blood pressure.

A balanced diet should include vegetables, fruits, whole carbohydrates, and unsaturated fats that can help normalize blood pressure. Cholesterol and hypertension often go hand in hand, so you should not be surprised that cholesterol-lowering foods help regulate blood pressure. Find more specific suggestions here below:

Eliminate junk foods, specially packaged ones. They are rich in salt, which is used to flavor them and lengthen their preservation. Opt for fresh snacks, like fruit or wholemeal bread;

Avoid the unsaturated fatty acids contained in fish, nuts, and legumes, especially beans. Often used as a condiment, olive oil has a beneficial effect on blood pressure. Two tablespoons a day can help a great deal thanks to the phenols' action present in the oil.

Refrain from drinking industrial juices found on supermarket counters. As our parents tell us each time, you should eat more fruit and vegetables. Bananas are especially rich in potassium, which counteracts the action of sodium.

Another thing you should pay attention to is adding too much salt to your meals. In some countries, salt is used basically in every dish. You can gradually decrease its quantity by using spices, herbs, or lemon juice instead. Keep in mind that iodized salt is recommended to help with iodine deficiency in a diet. A good alternative is a low-sodium salt.

Do Physical Activity & Sports

Maybe you are like many of us whose relationship with sports is complicated to say the least. However, doing sports and physical activity is another solution to your problems. If you have been procrastinating on this point, remember that moderate and continuous physical activity helps to lower your blood pressure. Put it another way: half an hour of exercise a day keeps the doctor away.

Indeed, half an hour of exercise a day can be enough to improve your health. This principle of continued physical activity is indispensable. You can do activities such as brisk walking, running, swimming, tennis, dancing.

Combine aerobic training with a few weight sessions in the gym. Just keep in mind to report your exercise logs to a doctor, personal trainer, or be accompanied by a Wearable Oximeter O2 Ring.

Research has proved that the degree of fitness is inversely proportional to blood pressure levels. In other words, it means that an active person has a lower risk of developing hypertension than a sedentary one. This risk is already present at a young age if the child does not follow a healthy lifestyle.

Exercise decreases the risk of cardiovascular and brain damage from excessive pressure by about 50%. Gymnastics also has a short-term hypotensive effect. In particular, after performing an aerobic exercise of 30-40 minutes, the pressure remains lower (<5-8 mmHg) for about 13 hours. What are you waiting for? Start exercising today!

Lower Your Stress & Anxiety

The world is more and more frenetic. It is often hard to go through a long day at work and a stressful commute combined with other daily challenges. If you do not know how to manage stress well, it can harm both your mental and physical health. 

Stress can cause hypertension due to the overproduction of vasoconstrictor hormones, such as cortisol. Elevations in cortisol levels are often caused by stress due to personal and environmental problems. High cortisol is also linked to an excess of physical exertion, a not regulated diet towards carbohydrates, or particular pregnancy situations.

That being said, our recommendation here is to find time for yourself. Each one of us functions differently. Try to find an activity that relaxes you and lets you forget your worries for the time being. We are social animals, or so they say. Meet with friends, spend time with your family, do some sports, play video games. What about some meditation? Take deep breathing exercises, practice yoga, or just have a nice walk in a park. Ultimately, it is up to you! Find time for yourself!

Bonus Tip: Have a nice rest. Blood pressure drops while we sleep. If we don't sleep well, we risk suffering from hypertension. 

Give up Bad Habits: Alcohol, Coffee, Smoking

This point will certainly not come as a surprise. Alcohol increases blood pressure, even in healthy people. The same thing goes for caffeine. For caffeine, the effect is temporary, and the reactions vary from person to person. It is up to you to evaluate the consequences over time, measuring the effects of these substances on your body with a blood pressure monitor.

You might be glad to know that you can still indulge in drinking small quantities of alcohol. Indeed, small amounts of alcohol are proven to help protect against heart problems. On the other hand, excessive alcohol consumption can raise blood triglyceride levels, leading to hypertension and cardiovascular damage.

Bonus Tip: Quitting smoking is imperative for our health. Cigarettes cause an immediate increase in blood pressure. By damaging arteries, smoke also has harmful long-lasting effects leading to heart attacks and strokes.

Measure Your Blood Pressure Regularly at Home

You can keep your blood pressure under control by measuring it every day. The first readings should be done in the morning before eating or assuming any medication. The second one should happen in the evening. The latest generation of automatic upper arm blood pressure monitors are extremely easy to use. 

At Viatom, we have designed the Automatic Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor Armfit+ to provide people with a reliable and practical solution for high blood pressure prevention. The device can measure ECG, blood pressure (systolic and diastolic), and pulse rate. Easy to wear, the Armfit+ can quickly and accurately inform patients of their health situation. Monitor your blood pressure both at home and outside. The compact console is lightweight and designed to stay firmly in place during the measurements.

Our app has developed real-time monitoring and data storage functions to help better you assess your heart health. The data can be shared on your smartphone, computer, and tablet. This way, you can check blood pressure anytime you want. It goes without saying, Armfit+ can also run independently without an app. All the information you may need is displayed on the OLED screen for easier interpretation. When it shows "abnormal ECG," you may need to consult your doctor.


For a decade, we at Viatom have challenged ourselves to bring further innovation in the healthcare industry. We are specialized in the manufacturing of five medical devices: Sleep Oximeter, Vitals Sign Monitor, Blood Pressure Monitor, Portable ECG Monitor, Fetal Doppler. Our mission is to provide the world with more accessible medical solutions.

Hopefully, this article was helpful in sharing interesting insights on how to lower your blood pressure and have a healthier lifestyle. Contact us today to learn more about how Viatom can help!


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