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Viatom Has Won Two World Design Awards, Health never Given up Art!

Red Dot Award, iF Design Award and IDEA Award are known as the world's three major design awards. Its awards and honors represent the industry's highest recognition of designers and works, and the difficulty of winning is far beyond imagination.

The Red Dot Award is the largest and most influential design competition in the world. Winning this award means that the appearance and texture of the product have obtained the most authoritative "quality assurance".

The iF Design Award is famous for its "independent, rigorous and reliable" award concept, which aims to enhance the public's awareness of design and is regarded as a sign of design quality.

Since the creation of the awards, having the "iF" or "Red Dot " has become a globally recognized sign of good design, unanimously recognized by consumers and the design community.

In 2022 iF Design Award, a total of more than 11,000 design products participated in the competition.

Viatom's DUOEK, O2ring, and VisualBeat AI stood out in the selection and won the iF Design Award 2022, and Armfit+ (B2) won the Red Dot Award.

There are the world's three major design awards that Viatom has won again after the iF Design Award for Checkmepro in 2018. This not only represents the industry's recognition of the design strength of Viatom, but also the recognition of Viatom's user-centered design concept.

Viatom's winning products

Oximeters have become the first choice for people's daily health monitoring. Therefore, lightness and comfort are the main design concepts of the new generation of the pulse oximeter.

As the world's first ring-shaped oximeter, O2ring has a natural and smooth appearance and an ergonomic silicone ring design, which can ensure the accuracy of data under the premise of 24h continuous monitoring.

The obsidian-like body has no extra buttons, and the data type can be switched by touching the screen, which refreshes the user's perception of wearable devices.

The function of the sphygmomanometer has been extended from pure blood pressure measurement to heart rate measurement and data analysis. On the premise of constantly exploring market demand, blood pressure monitors are also changing people's lifestyles and health concepts.

Armfit+ (BP2) is an upper arm blood pressure and ECG integrated machine. The body adopts three colors black, white and gray, and the style is rigorous and bright.

The corners are designed with a circular arc shape to ensure the fit between the palm and the fuselage during ECG measurement.

The measurement content and results are displayed on the black screen in the form of a blue digital dot matrix, with sharp contrast, which can be easily read even in the backlit area, reducing visual fatigue.

The patented cuff is located at the bottom of the fuselage and adopts a reverse ring design. It can form a storage jacket around the product clockwise to prevent the blood pressure monitor from accumulating dust or being violently squeezed to meet the needs of people who go out.

The body of the DouEK is white, with a high-gloss curved panel on the top. The high-resolution color OLED screen displays the ECG waveform and heart rate in real time. There are no buttons on the fuselage, and the measurement can be completed by touching.

DouEK uses medical-grade ECG electrodes and professional ECG chips to ensure the lossless transmission of ECG signals.

Simple appearance and the ultimate industrial standard are the consistent design concepts of Viatom. Viatom pursues not only a high-quality and high-quality user experience, but also convenient and accurate health management.


Viatom has been committed to improving the design aesthetics and comfort of wearable medical devices, focusing on the deep integration of technology and art.

Winning the iF Design Award and Red Dot Award this time is not only because Viatom has a comprehensive insight into user needs and precise customization to meet the needs, but also because Viatom insists on creating a more comfortable health management model with original and innovative designs. These awards will further drive Viatom to design better works.

In the future, Viatom will continue to work hard to contribute to the medical transformation and the implementation of the medical Internet.


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