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Vital Signs Monitor: Get to know Viatom Checkme Suit

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

 At Viatom, since our foundation, we have strived to bring further innovation to the health care industry. This time we got one step further, developing a total solution for measuring vital signs.


Our new Checkme Suit can examine ECG, blood oxygen level, body temperature, and many other parameters. Everything packed in a small compact console, the future of medical devices is already here. Let's discover what makes our new Vital Signs Monitor so special.


Viatom Checkme Suit 

You might remember some characters in science fiction movies who had advanced gadgets for medical care. Somehow one tool could scan a patient’s body and instantly provide a complete diagnosis. Well, the future is not as out of reach as you originally thought. 


Inspired by those movie's vision, the Viatom Checkme Suit is a total solution for medical care. Do you want to know the best part? Everything is integrated into a smartphone-sized console. The Checkme Suit includes our Checkme Pro vital signs monitor, AirBp, and blood glucose meter. The kit also comes with other accessories such as SpO2, electrodes, ECG cables, and a waist belt. The whole equipment can be easily stored in its carrying case. The lightweight case allows you to carry the instrument wherever you go or to check your health status at home. 


What vitals parameters can we check?


Record ECG

The electrocardiogram (ECG) is a medical test performed to detect cardiac abnormalities. The exam measures the electrical activity generated by the heart. Through ECG tests, we can effectively prevent or better address heart conditions that might lead to heart attacks. 


To assist both professionals and patients, the Checkme Suit can record the ECG. The recorder supports wired and wireless detection. The professional ECG algorithm is able to provide not only the heart rate but also the duration of the QRS, the ST segment, the QT / QTC interval, and the rhythm analysis. 


One of the device's unique features is its "ECG Holter." At Viatom, we have developed a new solution after considering a patient’s discomfort to monitor the ECG for the whole day. The ECG Holter can be easily worn under your clothes thanks to its mini size. You will not even realize you are using it. The gadget continuously records your health status for 24 hours and can save full printable reports. 


Another of the main features of Checkme Suit is SpO2 monitoring. Oxygen saturation is a measure of the amount of oxygen-carrying hemoglobin in our blood. Our body needs to have a certain level of oxygen to function efficiently. The medical condition knows as "hypoxemia" can occur in individuals with low blood oxygen levels. As a result, people affected can have headaches, shortness of breath, or heart and brain function damage (under severe cases). It can also be used to prevent COVID-19

The Check Suit can work as a pulse oximeter, allowing users to measure oxygen saturation, pulse rate, and pulse intensity. The built-in SpO2 sensor allows measurement directly from the device. You can use it when you are doing sports or at rest. Speaking about resting, we have implemented the sleep monitoring function for those suffering from sleep apnea and related sleep disorders.

When sleeping, you can use the kit to measure your pulse and blood oxygen levels. This feature has already contributed to saving many people's lives worldwide. 


Blood Pressure Monitor & Blood Glucose Meter

Blood pressure is one of the key parameters when examining vital organ function. High blood pressure (hypertension) affects blood normal circulation in our organism. A too high pressure can cause heart attacks, heart failures, or aneurysms. There are many factors influencing blood pressure, and you can check our complete guide for more information.

Going back to Checkme Suit, the kit also offers an AirBP and blood glucose meter. Each tool can be connected through Bluetooth and can be used from the intuitive display panel. After completing the setup process, you will collect multiple parameters, including SYS, DIA, MAP, pulse pressure, pulse rate, and blood glucose levels. 


For more information about blood pressure monitors, you can check the Viatom AirBP review.


Temperature Measurement

To put the icing on the cake, the Checkme Suit comes with a built-in infrared body temperature thermometer as well. Simple to use and quick to read, it can check the temperature at a distance. Moms can use it to check their baby's measurement without waking them up. 


Finally, our team has improved the user experience even further. As a gift to athletes, we added a pedometer with a high-precision 3D intelligent sensor to accurately calculate steps, calories, and amount of fat burned. Besides, we have included a practical calendar and reminder to note exercise schedules or medicines to be taken.


As for the other devices, Viatom makes data easily understandable and accessible through a downloadable app for smartphones or PCs. Then, you can share the report directly with your doctor to receive professional advice. 


What about the accuracy of the measurements?

All our devices are certified for the FDA and CE, meeting US and European high-level standards. In addition, our medical equipment has been clinically tested. 


Utilization Scenarios


As you can imagine, Viatom Checkme Suit can be used in a multitude of different scenarios. Medical professionals can benefits from Viatom all-in-one solution to visiting patients only relying on one device. For the same reason of practicality, the general public can use this technology at their home for daily monitoring and prevention. As previously seen, the device can also be carried everywhere to work or for physical activities.


Besides, proudly we can say that Checkme Suit has already provided valuable support in emergency situations such as on airplanes to assess passengers' conditions. 

Key Features


Versatile all-in-one portable medical device

Quick and responsive ECG, blood pressure, thermometer, pulse oximeter monitoring

Bluetooth interaction with smart devices

Intuitive instruction and sharable reports 

Extremely long-lasting battery (weeks) 


At Viatom, our team is committed to constantly improving our medical devices. The thought of making a difference in your life stimulates us to do what we do best.


If you are interested in the Checkme Suit or another medical device, check out our latest solutions. 



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