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Viatom Receives MDSAP Certification, the Dream Goes Further

Shenzhen Viatom Technology Co., Ltd completed the Medical Device Single Audit Program and obtained the MDSAP certificate issued by Technischer Überwachungs-Verein.


MDSAP certification is an audit process initiated by AMDRF, based on ISO 13485, recognized and joined by regulatory agencies in the United States (FDA), Australia (TGA), Brazil (ANVISA), Canada (HC), and Japan (MHLW). Aim to establish a single audit process that meets and unifies the audit requirements of the above-mentioned countries, making the audit more comprehensive and effective.


MDSAP quality system certificate is an important symbol of Viatom's global development strategy. At present, Viatom sales channels cover 80+ countries and regions, obtained local registration in more than 27  countries, and established 4 overseas group members located in US, Netherlands, Turkey and India.

As a leading company in the field of wearable medicine and telemedicine, Viatom always adheres to the production principle of "life caring, quality first" production principle and strictly controls product quality management. Viatom's quality system is based on the ISO13485 standard and is established in combination with the regulatory requirements of the corresponding countries and regions in the product target market. Currently, Viatom has covered the relevant regulations and standard requirements of China, the European Union, Brazil, Japan, Argentina, South Korea and other countries.

In the future, Viatom will firmly commit to providing high-quality and high-tech innovative products in more countries and regions around the world, which will provide a solid support for global medical coverage.

Viatom sincerely expects to reach cooperation with more enterprises, lower the threshold for the application of high-tech medical technology, endow human beings with health and longevity, and allow everyone to have equal rights to medical treatment.


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